20 Gal. GigaPot 1.2™ Undrilled Brew Kettle


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20 Gal. GigaPot 1.2™ Undrilled Brew Kettle

The 20 Gal. GigaPot 1.2™ is the kettle for any serious brewer that wants to brew big batches up to 17 gallons of wort with ease. Perfect for filling dispensing kegs or brewing a quick batch for your brewing buddies. Need a Mash Tun or thinking of upgrading your current ?,  with the optional false bottom this same 20 Gal kettle allows you to brew 10 gallon All-Grain batches. Here’s an idea, use this kettle in a HERMS or RIMS setup as the Hot Liquor Tank with two 30 Gal. GigaPot 1.2™ kettles serving as Mash Tun and Boil Kettle for the perfect system.

Perfect for: 20 gallon All-Grain Mash Tun, 17 gallon full boil batches, or HLT (Hot Liquor Tank)

GigaPot 1.2™ is a stainless steel work of art, not simply just another off the self stainless steel stock pot. From the drawing board to the sheet-metal rollers, every possible design detail has been carefully thought through to enhance and improve the brewing experience. Wait, that’s not all, the very heart of the kettle is it’s 4mm thick Tri-Clad bottom made specifically for even heat distribution which can even be used on a induction heating appliance. Last but not least, graduated volume markings inside the kettle allows for easy volume measurements during and after the boil making your brewday even more simpler. The 1.2 thickness of GigaPot is not a mistake, we’ve included this thickness in the design to promote for quick boils, less off-flavors, and a better welding surface for any of your own improvisations.

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False Bottom for 20 gal. GigaPot 1.2 ™


Weldless ball-valve


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