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Brewing System – Apprentice I



Product Description

Brewing System – Apprentice I

The ultimate beer kit that proves that yes, if you can brew coffee then you can indeed brew beer also of professional quality !, give it a go, you won’t regret it !

Product Info

  • 16” x 12” x 14” (Height x Width x Depth)
  • 32 lbs
  • Brews 5-liter mini-kegs of beer at a time
  • Customize each beer to your taste
  • Brews in about 2 hours
  • Internet connected for automatic recipe download and tracking

Pico Includes

  • Brewing machine
  • User manual
  • One (1) BrewKit, selected at shipping time
  • One (1) brewing keg
  • One (1) dispensing keg
  • Brewing keg seal and keg lid
  • Dispensing keg plug
  • Dip tube brush for brewing keg cleaning
  • Transfer tube for transferring wort from brewing keg to dispensing keg
  • CO2 regulator attachment for dispensing keg
  • Cleaning tablets for deep cleaning


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Additional Information

System Configuration

Innovation I, Innovation I plus two 5-liter brewing mini-kegs, Innovation I plus one 5-liter brew keg & three serving mini-kegs


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