Brewing System – Expert III


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Brewing System – Expert III

Mash, Lauter, Boil and Ferment all in one unit !


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These systems are currently on a 2-4 week delivery.

100% deposit required at time of order to secure your spot in the manufacturing production schedule.

* Panel built to U.L. standards.

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System Configuration

Small Pro Basic Pkg. (3-5gal; 120V), Small Pro Total Pkg. (3-5gal; 120V), Small Pro Basic Pkg. (3-5gal; 240V), Small Pro Total Pkg. (3-5gal; 240V), Medium Pro Basic Pkg. (5-15gal; 240V), Medium Pro Total Pkg. (5-15gal; 240V), Large Pro Basic Pkg. (15-45gal; 240V), Large Pro Total Pkg. (15-45gal; 240V), Small Expert Basic Pkg. (3-5gal; 120V), Small Expert Total Pkg. (3-5gal; 120V), Small Expert Basic Pkg. (3-5gal; 240V), Small Expert Total Pkg. (3-5gal; 240V), Medium Expert Basic Pkg. (5-15gal; 240V), Medium Expert Total Pkg. (5-15gal; 240V), Large Expert Basic Pkg. (15-45gal; 240V), Large Expert Total Pkg. (15-45gal; 240V), XLarge Expert Basic Pkg. (45-93gal; 240V), XLarge Expert Total Pkg. (45-93gal; 240V), XXLarge Expert Basic Pkg. (93-155gal; 240V), XXLarge Expert Total Pkg. (93-155gal; 240V)

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