Distiller System – Copper Reflux


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Distiller System – Copper Reflux

50 Gallon stainless still has a 4″ Copper Reflux Column coupled with a Dephlegmator (used to control proof) Shotgun Condenser in addition to a commercial grade thermometer with a 3″ face. Capable of distilling 130 to 190 Proof. Fuel Ethanol can be achieved in only 1 run. Copper column is built from the heavier type M or L copper pipe a better selection than type DWV copper pipe. Tig welded, not an inferior solder, wait that’s not all, tig welded using a food grade rod. Simple, Tig welding makes a much stronger column than any soldered column.

•Commercial Grade Thermometer on the boiler with a 3″ Face.
•Commercial Grade Thermometer on the column with a 3″ Face.
•4″ Tri Clamp Stainless Ferrule Connection Welded to the Base of the Column for Connecting to Still Boiler.
•4″ Tri Clamp with Gasket for Connecting the Column to the Still.
•4″ Tri Clamp Dephlegmator Connection with 4″ Tri Clamp and Gasket.
•Removable Copper Shot Gun Condenser.
•Two 5/8″ Hose Barb Connections on the Dephlegmator for Cooling Water.
•Two 5/8″ Hose Barb Connections on The Condenser for Cooling Water.
•Super Heavy Duty Construction Using Food Grade Copper Welding Rod and Heavy Gauge Copper.
•Enough Glass Marble Packing to Fill the Column.
•1″ Stainless Tri Clamp Sanitary Butterfly Valve on the boiler (not shown in picture)
•5 psi Pressure Relief Valve on the Still Boiler (not shown in picture).
•2″ Tri Clamp Fill Spout on the Lid.
•Ring Clamp with Heat & Alcohol Resistant Gasket for Lid.


Thick Stainless Steel, commercial grade !


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