Fermentation Automation System



Product Description

Fermentation Automation System

    • Perfect for breweries with outputs of up to 250,000 hectolitres a year
    • Fixed-piping frame module with valves, pumps and a process control system
    • Fermentation tanks linked to the frame module by hoses
    • Customized configuration to suit your needs
      • Filling the fermentation tank
      • Hosing the young beer
      • Yeast harvesting
      • Transfer to filtration
      • Filling the bright-beer tank
      • Transfer to the filler

Consulting Fees:

On-Line Chat: $1000 USD Daily

On-Location: $10000 USD Weekly

Plus: Lodging & Transportation

Additional Information

Consulting Fees

On-Line Chat – $1000 USD Daily, On-Location $10,000 USD Weekly


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