Brewing System – Master II


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Brewing System – Master II

Easy 3.5 hour brew days, with 85% mash efficiency, if you can brew tea, you can brew beer !

Professional single electric single vessel complete brewing system, replace your 3 kettle brewing system and enjoy shorter brew days (3 hours on average) with a clean, efficient and accurate electric brewing process.  Not to mention it’s all polished 304 stainless steel construction that includes tri-clamp fittings, valves and integrated basket with pulley system! Works greats for Nano-Breweries,  brewery pilot systems or Brew-On-Premises operations.

Available in  20, 40, 50 and 100 gallon size.

This system encourages creativity by getting you involved in every aspect of the brewing process, True BrewMasters and Novices alike will love applying the true methods of brewing that date back years being passed down from Egypt, through the medieval period up to this very day, the process is basically still the same.

Utilizing a single kettle brewing concept that lends it to a process that produces beer on a level with pretty much any of the most expensive 3 kettle systems available and only a footprint of 1/3rd of the space !, did we mention all this combined with shortening your brew day to as little as 3 hours ?  Most users experience 85% + mash efficiency due to it’s continuous recirculating mash.

How it works;

Just the opposite of traditional 3 kettle systems, with this single kettle brewing you start out with all of your water volume in the kettle. Simple, fill the kettle, turn on your control panel and heat to your desired strike temperature. Then  add your grain bill and set the temperature controller to your desired mash temperature, start the whirlpool re-circulation pump which will return the hot wort to the top of the basket and create a whirlpool within the grain basket. With the wort being filtered by the grain bed as well as the 400 micron grain basket, cloudy wort is a thing of the past. Combining this with advanced temperature control the system that can maintain your temperature within 1/2 degree. Like to step mash ?, no problem, raising your temperature is as simple as entering your step temperature at any time during the mash via the system to raise and maintain the temperature automatically. Complete the mash and raise the basket from the kettle with the integrated pulley (optional) then to drain into the kettle. Switch the controller into manual mode and boil as normal to continue, simple, yes ?

What’s Included;

  • TouchScreen
  • 20, 40, 50 or 100 Gallon brew kettle with sanitary tig welded tri-clamp ports
  • Kettle pickup tube and whirlpool fittings
  • Tri-clamp sight level gauge
  • 400 Micron Stainless Steel Mash basket – Solid Sided to create a more effective filtering
  • Stainless Steel Pump
  • Welded and polished 304 stainless steel frame with control arm and hoist support.
  • Pulley and hoist system (requires less effort to lift the basket),
  • 30A 240V Electric brewery control panel with TouchScreen, Timer and 2 pump control circuits in fiberglass enclosure. 50A 240V for 40 and 50 gallon configurations and 75A for 100 gallon configuration.
  • Heating element assembly with tri-clamp connection (x2 for 40 and 50 gallon system, x3 for 100 gallon system). Includes 304 Stainless bright polished elements.
  • Stainless Steel temperature probe
  • All valves, fittings, hardware.

What’s not included;

You will need to provide a 240V 30A GFCI circuit and outlet, 50A for 40 and 50 gallon configuration, 75A for 100 Gallon Configuration for the all electric version.

The system is shipped without the 220/240V power plugs allowing you to choose the plug of your choice.

This system does not come with a cooling system, you will need to provide a counterflow, immersion or plate chiller of your choice.

Brewers hose not included.

* a suitable GFCI circuit breaker in your main electrical panel is required or connect the system to a Spa panel.


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These systems are currently on a 4-8 week delivery.

100% deposit required at time of order to secure your spot in the manufacturing production schedule.

* Panel built to U.L. standards.


Additional information

System Configuration

20 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Electrical, 20 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Combo Electrical / Propane Gas, 20 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Combo Electrical / Natural Gas, 40 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Electrical, 40 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Combo Electrical / Propane Gas, 40 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Combo Electrical / Natural Gas, 50 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Electrical, 50 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Combo Electrical / Propane Gas, 50 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Combo Electrical / Natural Gas, 100 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Electrical, 100 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Combo Electrical / Propane Gas, 100 Gallon Kettles [240v] – Combo Electrical / Natural Gas

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